About Us

How sad would it be if we were ever too old to play trains! 

Most of my childhood memories have trains in them. My father used to take me to the Model Dockyard in Swanston Street on a Sunday morning where he’d give me a coin to insert in the slot to make the model trains run around. As a child I’d spend most weekends at either the Railway Museum in Yarraville or riding Puffing Billy through the Dandenongs. I also remember spending long hours just sitting on the station watching the trains go through, treated occasionally to an R Class Steam Locomotive on a Steam Preservation heritage run to Seymour or Echuca.

I was given my first Model Train set for Christmas when I was five years old – and a lifetime passion for model railways began.  There are few things in life more relaxing than running your model trains through a world you have created. With the advent of Digital Command Control (DCC), building and running a model railway has entered a whole new era of realism, excitement and pleasure.

The same is true of Slot Cars and building Scale Models.  The child in us loves to play, and heaven forbid we should ever be too old to thrill to the excitement of racing a Scalextric car at breakneck scale speeds or sit back and admire our handywork as we complete and mount a scale model of the Titanic, the Cutty Sark or a World War II Spitfire.

What Papamallard offers is more than just quality model trains, slot cars and scale models at excellent prices.  Whether it’s something you want to buy, advice on just about anything to do with your hobby or the chance to share your stories and photos - we are here to share your passion with you!