HORNBY DCC Select Controller & Transformer R8213

HORNBY DCC Select Controller & Transformer R8213
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DCC Select Controller


Complete with Instruction Booklet and Track Connecting Wires

The Hornby DCC Select is Very Easy to Use! 

Please read the important notes at the bottom of this item description.

Digital Command Control (DCC) differs from a conventional (analogue) 12V controller as it is the individual locomotives that are controlled, rather than controlling a locomotive’s speed and direction by varying the current to the track.

With the older analogue style controllers, turning the knob on the controller increases or decreases the volts that are sent to the track. Increasing the power makes the loco run faster; decreasing the power slows the loco. So in analogue systems your controller actually controls the TRACK - not the loco - the loco merely responds to the voltage in the track. If you have any locos with lights you will know that the light brightens or dims as you speed up or slow down the loco - by sending more or less power to the track.

In DIGITAL (DCC = Digital Command Control) the controller sends a constant 15 volts to the track at all times - but the loco has a digital computer chip installed in it. The controller sends a signal to the chip - which controls the loco.

The advantages of DIGITAL over analogue are ENORMOUS!!! Because it is the loco, not the track being controlled - you can run up to 10 locos on the same track - all at different speeds and / or in different directions. You can switch lights on or off - and they shine at a constant brightness. The control over the loco is also superb. When you run analogue locos at a very slow speed they are likely to stall. However, because a constant 15 volts is being supplied, digital locos can creep at super slow speeds and not stall.

You can also set locomotives’ levels of acceleration and deceleration. In analogue systems - you turn the controller full bore - the train instantly goes full bore. With digital you can set the acceleration and deceleration steps from 1 to 99. This means you can set the rate of acceleration and deceleration which gives VERY realistic operation of a loco as it starts gradually - then gradually comes to a stop.
The track used in Digital is the same track as analogue - it just requires a different transformer and controller such as this Hornby Select R8213 unit.

The Hornby ‘Select’ digital unit not only passes a constant 15V AC voltage along the rails but also information signals to all locomotives and accessories that are on or are connected to the track.

Each locomotive that is DCC controlled must have an internally fitted small micro processor called a decoder.

The Benefits of the Hornby DCC Select:
Multiple train control on all parts of a model railway layout with minimal wiring.
Independent control of locomotives or double heading control.
Coaches with lights stay lit even when the train is stationary.
Realistic train movement with each model able to be given levels of acceleration and deceleration settings.
LCD display shows at a glance what locomotive is under control.
Locomotive decoders are simple to code and programme.
The keyboard is straightforward to use making assigning a locomotive very simple.
Point operation means fewer wires than with conventional control and no switches!

Please Note the following:

  1. This Hornby Select Controller and Transformer have been taken from a set so they come UNBOXED.
  2. The Hornby DCC Select Controller comes with a I (One) amp Transformer that allows independent control of up to Three Locomotives simultaneously. However, I am able to supply the Hornby C7024 4 (Four) amp Transformer. This transformer allows independent control of up to 10 Locomotives
  3. Because these items come directly from Hornby in the UK they come with English Plugs. This means a UK to Australian Plug Adapter is necessary – and WILL be supplied with this unit.



Click HERE to see Hornby’s DCC Select Video.

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